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Best Sewing Machines Reviews


Choosing the best Sewing Machine – Buying Guide


Sewing is a craft that can create beautiful types of clothes, especially coming from professional machines. To this end it comes as no surprise to see so many people searching for professional sewing machines, designed for a wide range of applications. With a high quality sewing machine, you will be able to make your own cloth, gifts or even home décor within a short period of time and without dealing with problems. How to find the best sewing machine? Well, through proper information you will be able to identify which model should become your daily assistant. This is why we drafted this buying guide, in order to help shoppers and crafters develop great pieces of clothes. Furthermore with a reliable sewing machine you will be able to make heirloom items for family members. In addition, depending on the sewing machine’s features users can fix various clothing problems such as tears, buttons, zippers or hems.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Built-in Stitches  Price Computerized – Manual Warranty Customer Rating Where to buy

Brother CS6000i

60 $$$ Computerized Included A+ AMAZON

Singer 7258 Stylist

100 $$$$ Computerized Included A AMAZON

Janome 2212

12 $$$ Computerized Included A AMAZON

Michley LSS-505

8 $$ Computerized No B AMAZON

Brother XL2600I

25 $$ Computerized Included B AMAZON


Selecting a great sewing machine can be a bit difficult without a correct or precise assessment on the type of work you’re going to use it for. For example, if you use the sewing machine in different places, then you should consider one with a light form, easy to transport. Today’s top rated sewing machine come with a wide range of attachments which improve the sewing experience, helping you to get the job done within a short period of time. Every day task needs to be handled with ease, objective that can be fulfilled only after investing in a great product. There are a couple of things that you need to consider before selecting a product. For example a good sewing machine should be equipped with a couple of stitches such as button, straight, zigzag, backstitch.

These are the prime stiches that people in the filed use more frequently than other. Furthermore basic machines should also include an automatic needle-threading device for a smooth and fluid sewing experience.

How to find the best sewing machine? Well, let’s enumerate the principle types of sewing machines and thus you will be able to determine which one suits your needs the best. Today, you will find on the market some of the following types of sewing machines: electric, mechanical, computerized, mini sewing machine and also specialized sewing.

Electric sewing machine

Modern electric sewing machine use 2 threads to create a straight stich with the same look on both sides of the respective project. These are very dependable products.

Mechanical sewing machine

A mechanical sewing machine is the synonym of traditional way to create clothes. People use it in order to make a lockstitch or even a chain stitch. This type of sewing machine is affordable and everyone can take it in their home.


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Computerized sewing machine

Computerized sewing machines come with a small computer microprocessor in order to create a professional sewing experience. It comes with a wide range of crafting options. This type of sewing machine can sew fancy stiches with embroidered designs. Comfortable to use, computerized sewing machines offers an overwhelming number of functions. Sew with ease anytime you desire.

Specialized sewing machine

As the name points to, specialized sewing machine can be used for blind hemming, quilting and even embroidery. Crafters can use with confidence this type of sewing machine on a project in order to ensure the apparition of quality results.

Top rated sewing machines in 2014


Whether sewing is a hobby or passion, it is important to have the right machine, which will make sure that you will achieve exceptional outputs all the time. In this case, you might like to read the best sewing machines reviews in 2014 to be provided with insights on some of the choices that can be taken into account. Some of these models will be identified below. By the time that you have finished reading this article, you will find it a lot easier to make a well-informed choice. Make sure to carefully evaluate the features and benefits that can be found in this model. Do not decide in haste and this will guarantee that you will end up with a decision that will not lead into regrets.


Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine


Best Sewing Machines ReviewsWith the use of this product, you will have more reasons to be in love with sewing and quilting, among others tasks that can be completed with the use of such. This will offer you with the opportunity to explore with your creativity, basically because it comes with 60 built-in stitch patterns and 7 styles for buttonholes. In the best Brother sewing machines reviews, another thing that is commonly highlighted about this model is the fact that it is complete with the different accessories that will be needed, such as button fitting foot, monogramming foot, zipper foot, walking foot, and zigzag foot.

This machine is great for every housewife. This modern machine is all digital and easy to use once you get going. I like that you can easily select one of the 59 stitches and that you can use the machine with or without the foot pedal quite easily. I really recommend this machine to everyone.” – Deborah Marshall

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SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning Sewing Machine


In terms of ease of use, this model is replete with commendable features, which can be attributed as a major reason on why it is recommended in the top rated sewing machines reviews in 2014. One good example of such feature is the electronic start and stop functionality, which eliminates the need for foot pedals. Additionally, it also comes with different automatic functions that reduce the actions that you need to do in order to complete different tasks. If you are working in a poorly lit area, there is no need to worry about not having proper illumination as it s designed with bright work light.

“This is my first experience with a computerized sewing machine. I have to say I really like it. It sews very fast and accurate. It has many feet to do all kinds of sewing. It’s very easy to tread, and the bobbin winder is very good. I really like the buttons for pedals work” – Mary Davey

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Janome 2212 Sewing Machine


This is an entry-level sewing machine that is perfect for those who are just beginning to discover sewing. Nonetheless, even if it is an entry-level model, this does not mean that it lacks features that will prove to be essential. Since this is a basic model, you can also be assured that it is something that will not hurt from a financial standpoint, since it comes with a practical price tag. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry from one work area to another, especially if you are working in different projects in different locations.

“I really love this great machine. With the right needle and foot it can sew just about anything and I’m using it to do the actual quilting, and not just sew the pieces together on my quilt top. It is handling the flannel, batting and quilt top with ease. I really recommend this wonderful machine.” – Rita Hunt

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Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Sewing Machine


This is another sewing machine that will prove to be most ideal for beginners. It is rich with features that are easy to use, unlike the advanced models that are quite complicated to operate. It has eight different built-in stitches, which will provide you with the opportunity to experiment with different patterns, depending on the output that you would want to see. In order to start its functioning, you can choose from either using the foot pedal or hand switch. Regardless of what will be chosen, you can be assured that the use of this sewing machine will not require too much effort.

“Until now I am very pleased with this machine, I didn’t have any problem with it. I’ve used it with electric and batteries. I tried the pedal, but find it too small so I use the switch on the front of the machine to sew with. The foot seems to be a little flimsy, but it’ll do. I recommend this machine.” – Lynette Banks

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Brother XL2600I 25-stitch sewing machine


Making or patching clothes is something that people do for a living or simply for fun. This is why so many people are now going through some of the most popular sewing machines in 2014 in order to sew with ease. Today, you can use with confidence Brother  XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-stich sewing machine which can improve the way you work. It is very good for novices and various daily sewing projects, delivering precise results to daily commands. The device has an accessory storage built into the free arm, where you can place various items, capable of making your job easier.

There were many choices to be made until I found Brother XL2600I Sew Advance, a model that improved the way I sew different clothes. I usually spend a lot of time doing various clothes for my son and daughter, a sweater there and skirt here. They smile and thank me for the presents. This sewing machine helps me get the job done.” – Lisa Gilles

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Juki HZL-35Z Sewing Machine


This is another model that has received favorable feedbacks in the different best sewing machines reviews that have been published in the past. One thing that is often noted about this model is that it has gained a reputation for being well-made, which simply means that it has a long functional life, and hence, being able to provide the best value for money. To add, this model has a drop feed feature, which can be seen as most helpful if you are into quilting or free motion sewing. There are different attachments that can be purchased separately and they will increase the flexibility of this model.

“This machine was perfect straight out of the box, super easy to use. The stitching is smooth and all the mechanics for adjusting tension or changing stitches are clear and easy to understand without even having opened the manual. This is a high quality machine for the price I recommend it.” – Betty James

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